H o u s e  L i g h t  G a l l e r y

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How to Contact me if you would like to purchase a print

If you would like to discuss ordering a Custom Hand-Made Print from the Gallery page, then please email me with the details, or use the form below.


You can use the Shop Page to purchase Mounted Prints I have already made, but if you would rather not use the check-out provided then contact me using the form below. Some prints are also available through third-party printers.


Specify the name and reference number of the print you would like and the address to which I should post it.


You will also need to specify the size of the print and the size of the matte (or not required). If the Matte is to be anything other than Antique White then please tell me the colour of matte. If the print is not to be centered in the matte then you will have to specify the size of the borders of the matte.


If you would like the print to be cropped to a particular size then please also include your crop suggestions.


Once all the questions and details have been resolved I will invoice you via paypal for the amount.


You do not need a paypal account to pay in this way: all credit cards are accepted.


However if you would rather not pay using paypal then please advise via your email about an alternative.


Once the payment has been received I will package and post the print and send you the details.